Friday, April 29, 2011

Mediocrity... I think not!

I heard some say recently that most people are mediocre. When I heard this I thought it was pretty harsh. But I think he was right. He then went on and said that the the definition of 'talents' needed to be altered.
I liked this thought.
What are you good at? Immediately we think of artistic or athletic things. Something that can be viewed or measured. Something to receive praise for. Well maybe you don't but I do.
tal·ent –noun 1. a special natural ability or aptitude
So what are your talents? I believe we've all got them. First think of the things you are good at, then think a bit deeper. I used to think that it was prideful to think I was good at things. But a dear friend pointed out that it's when we start comparing ourselves to others that it turns to pride. That helped me a lot. I learned it really is such a good thing to recognize those things that we are good at or have a special natural ability or aptitude for. The Lord thinks so too.

Matthew 25
15 And unto one he agave five btalents, to another two, and to another one; to every man according to his several ability;
In the story we know how the one servant with five went and multiplied it and the one with two also multiplied his talents that he was given. I think this is very hopeful because there are a lot of things that I want to be able to do and be good at. I want to be more patient and I want to be a better student, I also want to learn about photography. So no matter what we've been given we can always add to it. But like the one servant who hid his talent if we don't even recognize those great things about us, there isn't much hope for increase?
So as many of us may feel mediocre I say that we have many talents that aren't mediocre, and the great part is that we can gain more!

Here are some I've noticed in others....
My mom: She's amazing with children. They never doubt that she loves them. Which I never have.
My dad: Honesty. I've always said he's the only honest lawyer out there.
My sis-in-law: Kindness
My big brother: Naturally brilliant. He was reading the newspaper at 2!
My other big brother: Apologizing... I hated this at first. But it's something I'm trying to pick up.
My uncle: being silly!
My bestie: Giving service.

And just to list two friend I know for sure will read this...
Jen: Most courageous person I know.
Melinda: Lives life to the fullest.

What are your talents?

Today in History...

Well in my history at least.
So two years ago today, April 29th I received my call to serve in the Texas Dallas Mission. For those of you who have experienced that thrill that is receiving a mission call you'll understand, but to help others I'll try and explain how it feels.
To explain how weird it is, from the date you put in your papers and the day you open your call, it's just bizarre.You begin to realize you could go ANYWHERE in the whole entire world. I wont lie, I wanted to go somewhere 'cool' even if it was in the states. I wanted badly to learn a language. Preferably Chinese.So it's really really weird just waiting to find out where you will fall in love with. Because I've never met a returned missionary that didn't love their mission.
So I got my call and waited for my family to be home. Now my brother did it completely opposite. When he got his call, he went into the basement and then came up and told us individually. He made me guess... Finland was not one of my guesses. So ten years later as I'm getting mine, he told me he regretted not opening it with family, he was just afraid to to show any disappointment. So I waited. Well that evening we gathered together and I opened it up and pull out this booklet thingy... yes I left the call letter in there. So it took me awhile to figure out where I was going. But finally I saw "Texas Dallas Mission." All I thought was ... "Okay, I'm going to Texas.' And before I opened it this is the last place I wanted to go. But when I got my call that's not how I felt. No disappointment at all, just acceptance.
And now it's been two years since that night and I look back and am elated that I got to go to Dallas. I'll list a few reasons why it was so good for me
1. I got to speak English. I taught a lesson my first night. What a blessing.
2. It is close. I get to go back and visit very easily.
3. Living in Utah a lot of people come to visit! It's such a blessing.
The Lord knows me so much better than I know myself. He knows how important it is for me to communicate with others and have people I love close to me. I feel so blessed to have served the people in Dallas.
One of which is having a birthday today. My dear friend Sarah. Sarah and I met a little over a year ago and instantly knew that we were friends. She's such an amazing woman I am so grateful for her friendship I know she will be a strength to me the rest of my life. Happy Birthday Sarah I love you!
I sometimes I am just in awe of life and where it has taken me... or not taken me. I have had many plans for my life, but none of them included a mission. I'm so grateful for the Lords hand in my life. I love simply love where I'm at, who I am, and knowing who I can become.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fun Filled Easter

So I had a wonderful Easter Sunday. I woke up and thought "I'm going to make today a good day."
My day was full of things that start with the letter F... Faith, Fun, Fancy, Food, Family, Fussy, Frolicking, Frills, Fur, Fox, and Fumidancid. I shall now explain all.

Faith: I went to hear my uncle speak about the Atonement and he shared how we always need to have hope that the Savior would come. No matter how bad circumstances get, we need to remain hopeful in his saving power.
Fun: My mom and I dyed eggs yesterday. When we were almost done she said, "let's see which ones need help. Oh this one is really ugly!" Me: "That's mine." Mom: "Oh...oops." She was right it wasn't the best. Then my dad came down and wanted to eat one and we told him to eat the ugliest one. In my mind I'm thinking of mine. He says, "Well I'm not sure which one to choose then." In jest of course. In the end he chose my 'ugly' one.
Fancy: I got to wear my new sandals finally! And at church my mom, cousin and I all complimented each others shoes when my cousin said, "We're all just fancy today."
Food: My mom and I made a yummy ham dinner. I ate a lot of it.
Family: It was just my parents and I this year for Easter, but we invited my uncle and two cousins to come too. This boosted the day. We always have so much FUN together. I love being with my family. We really have a strong bond, they are some of my dearest friends.
Fussy: This goes for two instances. One was the 3 year old sitting behind me in church...I was reminded why I loved student wards so much. And the other was my 2 1/2-year-old niece. Man was she a a piece of work. We only saw her for about 20 minutes...her other side of the family got to deal with her the rest of the night. When it's time for her to go she's started saying, "No! I have to go to work!" We're not sure what her job is. But it sounds vitally important.
Frolicking: this is just to reference the Easter bunny, not the fact that I frolicked around the house like a bunny...Not at all!
Frills: My mom made my niece an Easter dress with cute frills on it! Frills meaning ruffles. But that doesn't start with F.
Fur: Again Easter bunny reference.
Fox: We watched "Robin Hood" while decorating eggs. And this most definitely was not the time that I did not frolick around while singing 'robin hood and little john.' ... Ooodelalee!
Fumidancid: This is a word I made up. Not sure of it's meaning... Whoever can come up with the best definition will recieve a fro yo date with me! Or if you live out of state I'll mail you five dollars so you can go get your own. It will also include a letter from me where you can fill in the conversation so it's like you had a fro yo date with me.

All in all it was a great day.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

To you this Easter:

My Dear Savior:
In light of the Easter season I thought I could write you.
Tears come to my eyes now as I try to convey in words my feelings about this event we call Easter. Although this holiday has become colorful and filled with eggs and bunny rabbits I try and recall the events that led up to this glorious day.
When I reflect on the beginning of your sacrifice, the Atonement, I recall the scripture in Luke 22: 41-44
41And he was withdrawn from them about a stone’s cast, and kneeled down, and prayed,

42Saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.
43And there appeared an angel unto him from heaven, strengthening him.
44And being in an agony he prayed more earnestly: and his sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground.

At this moment you willing took upon yourself the sins of the world. Our sins, the things that separet us from you and the Father. In these words I see that this was not something easy for you, you in fact asked for it to end. But your humility in submitting to the will of the Father shows how much you truly love us all. Then in your plea, the Father sent you an angel that strengthened you. Even you, the Son of God needed help and strength to fulfill this task. But what is truly beautiful to me is the next verse it says 'in an agony' you 'prayed more earnestly.' This angel didn't take away anything did it? The angel did not 'remove the cup' but in essence gave you the strength to preserve. Thank you! Thank you for that example of faith and courage and charity to do that which seems impossible.
I will not in detail go through the events of the next day. The betrayal, trial, whippings, mocking, ridicule, and lastly your final task of hanging on the cross...Again...why you did this for me I'll probably never fully understand in this life. But in 3 Nephi 27:14 you state your purpose,
14 And my Father sent me that I might be alifted up upon the bcross; and after that I had been lifted up upon the ccross, that I might ddraw all men unto me...

For the short time I got to be a missionary, this is what I got to help you do. 'draw all men unto' you...I was honored to be apart of your work and purpose, and I thank you for the countless times that you sent angels to me to strengthen me in difficult times.

So as I reflect on Easter and the resurrection, what really fills me with gratitude is your life, example, and love for me. I know I fall short so often of what you know I can be. I try hard each day to live up to who I can be. Who you know I can be. Because I know there will be a day when I am in your presence once more, and at that day the only thing I wish to know is that I never took advantage of that which you did for me. I want to make it worth it, all that you suffered for.  Because no matter how hard life gets, I know that there will be a day when I get to see you again. I imagine that day, falling at your feet, and the feeling of relief, and peace filling matter how difficult it all gets here, I know that being there, with you will make it all worth it.

I love you. I hope that through the way I live my life you see that. Because never will I be able to repay you for what you did. But I pray that each day I can show you my gratitude by living more like you each day.

Much love.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Help Motivation Help!

Motivation! I need your help! The Procrastinator is back! He's so sneaky! I don't even really notice him. You know it's like, one afternoon sitting on the couch and then BAM! POW! WHAM! He's got me! At that point it's too late! I shutter to think of what he'd do if he knew I was contacting you. Please can do you anything?! I know you're probably out helping so many other people, I mean it is the end of the semester. But I need you! You've seen The Procrastinator and what he can do! Yuck he's just awful and there is no happiness at all related to him. I need rescuing! Please Motivation! Please! Isn't there something you can do?!
I  hope this gets to you!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More fun for girls!

So I really think I've got the coolest friends.
Remember my friend Jen I told you about? 'My Friend Jen'
Well she's simply the coolest and she's doing a give away right now for a gift certificate for Sephora. Go here Writing Like I Am Popular and check out the rules. It's super easy.

Now I'm not a big makeup person but I thought maybe some of you would like to know about it. It's open to all and everyone.


Ladies! Check this out!

 Okay so I'm totally bragging about my new shoes that I got yesterday!
I was introduced to this local company through my friends blog. Styled By 3 They had a contest for a free pair of shoes from christensens shoes. Well I didn't win the contest, but now they have a deal where if you enter the styledby3 promo code you get $10 off each pair of shoes! And shipping was like $3. And they are located out of St. George!
I love my new shoes. I need to now make reasons to go out and wear them. But I wanted to share in the wonderfulness that is this company! I hope you can find something you like and then get $10 off! It's legit!

Oh and I forgot, they sent me 20% off coupon too!

Love it!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why families?

You know there was a time when I thought it would just be better to be single the rest of my life. It wasn't out of selfishness but out of fear and a lack of faith on my part. However a lot has changed over the years.
A woman in her 70's was talking about how there might be a possibility of her having liver cancer. She said that she was so tired of fighting her health that she was done. But after her many exhausted reasons for not wanting to go through more health procedures, she sighed and said "what scares me the most is that I wont be able to see my granddaughter perform. I don't care about me anymore. I just want to be there for her." I met another women in her 50's battling leukemia and she said the same thing. Others came to mind and how they have had very difficult lives, but the minute they are able to do something for their children or grandchildren their whole countenance changes.
This I thought is the reason the Father puts us in families. Because life is difficult and sometimes it just can be overwhelming. So instead of making our lives all about us, so that all we think about is ourselves, the Lord puts within us this desire to have children and families so that as life goes on we have a reason to keep fighting. When the motivation is based on love for others one can do anything! How else would Christ have been able to endure all that he did, had he not had his focus been on us?
Just a thought that makes me so grateful for my family and grateful for the opportunity to have a family of my own. Not right now... just in general. :)

Dear Utah Football:

Hello old friend! It's been a few months but today (hopefully if I get off work on time) we'll be reunited.
Remember all the good times we've had? I'm trying to remember all the times we've traveled together. New Orleans was by far the most exciting. Michigan, remember how surprised we were that I got to go?! The Poinsettia Bowl in '07 was fun, and the Emerald Bowl in 05 was a good win too! Las Vegas... luckily we don't have to go there again. But looks like we'll be stepping back in the Rose Bowl more frequently. The only highlight to that night was me getting to go on the field. But through it all you've always been there!
I hope you feel the same about me. I mean I was there in person for 'the pass', and when we hit the upright, and the TCU. I know I know. It was rough. But I couldn't leave you alone during that. But I was also there in person, when we lost count of Max Halls interceptions! Remember that? HA! That was tight! We were laughing so hard. And we've watched some great players go onto the NFL. Don't you miss Weddle? And good old P. Kruger! (Sigh) And what we wouldn't give to have Louie back!

Football.... there's something I've been meaning to talk to you about. . . I think, well, I think that I've changed. Now don't be sad. You still have so many great fans. Somethings just changed... Now don't worry we'll still see one another. I'll be at all the home games. I might even be coming to see you in your first PAC 12 debut! So see I still love you. But, I don't know it's just different. I hope you'll understand. It's hard to explain. It's not anything you've done. I promise, it's not you, it's me! Honestly! I'll always be here to support you. You'll just find that I may no longer be able to rattle off crazy statistics or players off the top of my head. Again it's nothing personal... It's me.

I'll always bleed red!
Much Love.

Friday, April 15, 2011


So I feel like saying that I lost something this week, but I didn't really lose it. I just chose to shut the drawer on it and focus on other things. I can't even recall what caused me to close the drawer...but regardless I had.
I think of my mind in these terms. A decent sized room... maybe the size of a average bedroom. Filled from floor to ceiling with drawers. Kind of like a filling cabinet idea, but they are not all the same size. There is a drawer for each aspect of my life. School, work, family, hobbies, friends, but it's more specific than that. Each hobbie has a drawer, and each class I'm taking, and each family member. Depending on it's importance and longevity in my life, this effects the size and how far back the drawer goes. So each night while I lay in bed I go into "my room" and close drawers. Some remain open, but only the things worth thinking about. This helps me fall asleep.

So this past week I had a lot of drawers opened up and get added to.
School. My car broke. Chronic health issues. Boys.

But along with all these drawers being opened I realize now I closed a very important one.

My hope drawer.
This drawer is usually open, or being added to. I am usually pretty optimistic about things. But I must have gotten distracted and lost sight of it. And for some reason when drawers like this close it triggers the depressed drawer to automatically opened... I need to check into that.
Here is what I know of hope. Hope is the end goal. Faith is what keeps me moving forward toward this unseen end goal. This can apply to anything. Eternal life with my Father in Heaven is the ultimate goal, but every day things can fit in this as well. I hope to get into grad school. I hope to do well in school. But just wanting those things isn't enough. Steven Snow, an apostle stated, "Hope can inspire dreams and spur us to realize those dreams. Hope alone, however, does not cause us to succeed. Many honorable hopes have gone unfulfilled, shipwrecked on the reefs of good intentions and laziness."
Action is everything. Action towards an unseen event or goal is simply faith. So therefore hope without faith is nothing. Looks like I need to add a lot more to my Hope drawer. It wasn't as full as I thought. And all a drawer requires to keep it in order is action.
This drawer analogy for my thoughts really helps put into perspective what's important in my life. Drawers like Hope, go on forever. There is no back to them. But my school drawer, though it's pretty big, has a back to it. And the dating drawer, although small, most definitely has a back to it! 
You know what's also cool! I can create drawers. Drawers I had never thought would be apart of this 'room.' That's the beauty of this life. I am in control of who I want to be and become. I find that beautiful and exciting! In sight of this I've started to purge thoughts to make room for new thoughts and things.  I went through one night and purged all the movies I wished I had never seen. I've got this awesome shredder in the floor of "my room", so I just pull out the thought and get rid of it. (You may think I'm crazy. But it has worked.)

Hope drawer opened... Check.
Depressed drawer closed... Check

Monday, April 11, 2011


The Church is reorganizing all the singles/student wards in the church and mine will see it's effects this next month so in dedication to my beloved 6th Ward,

University 6th Ward, University 5th Stake, Salt Lake City Utah
Unknown-May 1st 2011

I owe a lot to this Ward and the people in it. Four years ago I was, as called in LDS culture, "ward hopping." I didn't fit in my family ward, and I tried all the singles/student wards around my house. But I just wasn't feeling good about it.
My former bishop of my family ward was assigned to a student ward up at the U. In August I saw him and asked him details about his ward. So I went, and after the first meeting I knew it's where I should be. I felt comfortable and included right away.
As I look back I recognize how much of an influence being in this ward at this time in my life helped shape who I am and the choices I made. Because my former bishop knew me so well, he recommended I serve in a calling that would get me to more involved. So immediately I got to know the members and made new friends.
But all in all, three major things happened that have forever altered my life.
1st. I gained a new respect and appreciation for women in the church. I was surrounded by these amazing girls who had accomplished so much and I admired them and all their accomplishments.
2nd. Along with the first, they all had one thing in common... They were returned missionaries. This began a desire to form within me.
3rd. So along with that when my wonderful Bishop followed the inspiration from the spirit to ask me in a time of choices if I had thought of serving a mission, well I realize now how much the Lord was preparing me to serve him.
These three things all influenced the next. Had I not joined the ward due to a great former bishop, I wouldn't have found the ward that would unite me with a new bishop that I would become close to and feel I can go to in times of confusion. Who would then, help me in a very hard but very great decision that I have never once regretted.
So University 6th ward, thank you for shaping my life. A life I never imagined but am so happy with. Because of this ward, I have wonderful friends and more importantly a stronger testimony that the Lord truly knows us and prepares us for things to come.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

How to:

How to get a two and a half year old to do what you want.
(Well it worked for me at least and the circumstances may vary.)

So yesterday evening I had the great privilege of spending time with my niece.
The evening was full of running around, watching 'the little mermaid', and playing with her toys. Near the end of our time together we built a fort and she wanted ALL her toys to come with us into the fort. Now this is fine, no big deal. We can clean up toys. She proceeded to pull out the puzzles and dump them on the floor. I asked, "will you help me clean those up?" "Yes!" Was her chipper, immediate response. So we played for awhile and she got bored, so I wanted to clean up the room before her parents got home.
Earlier, She pulled out this horribly ugly straw hat that sits really low on your head and covers your eyes... very scarecrow like. She placed it on my head and smiled. I had taken it off a few times and she kept wanting me to wear it. Well at this point I took off the hat and asked her to help me with the puzzles. Her reply, without recognition of my request, "No. I want hat on." As she reached to put the hat on my head. I stopped her and said. "Well I want you to help me with the puzzles." Again she said, 'I want hat on." This was said in a sweet little whimper of a voice. I retaliated in a very childish pout of a voice, "I want you to help with the puzzles." She began to fake cry, "Hat on please?" I said, "Yes, I will wear the hat if you will help me with the puzzles." We had to do this a few more times, but finally it clicked and she moved around the chair and began putting the puzzles together and the ugly straw hat was on my head.
It was a miracle! This little girl is so stubborn and she submitted and we had fun while doing it. And she got plenty of praise as well. She loves praise! :)

My sis-in-law and I had a conversation awhile back about a parents relationship to their child and ours with our Father in Heaven. She recalled the period of time where she was advised to no longer pick up my niece when crying at night. To let her cry herself to sleep because she needed to learn to sleep through the night. And how your roll as a parents changes as the child grows. Your relationship with them has to alter for them to grow. We talked about how it's the same thing as our Father to us, his children. Maybe at one time he answered our prayers in a heart beat.  But then he sees how we are growing and there are things that we need to add upon that, so sometimes he doesn't come right when we call him because he's knows what's best. But just as the young mother aches when her baby is crying from the next room, she knows it's better to let her adjust so she listens to the sadness without being able to do anything. Our Father most assuredly must too ache when we are in a time of pain and sadness. He knows that it will pass. That in the end, we'll be better for it. Sometimes, He's merciful enough to be persistent in the lessons He wants me to learn. Even if it takes me years to submit to His will. If only it was as simple as a silly straw hat and puzzles. = )
No wonder we're built to create families, and that it's sanctioned by the Father. How else would we be able to better understand our relationship with him?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dear Dating:

Dear Dating:
I'm sure you are aware but many of us young folk haven't been to involved with you lately. It's getting pretty bad actually. Now I know I know, I haven't always been supportive of you myself. And you get a lot of flack from friends of mine,  "I hate dating!" I mean now that's just harsh. I always have responded with, "I'm not familiar with dating enough to know." But here is where I think the problems lies, not with you, but with how us young folks have changed our view of you.
Back in the day you were far more simple and easy to understand. You seemed so simple in all the movies. You were simply a date. NOW.... Well gosh. You get involved even once with a male and female and everything goes crazy! Both parties start freaking out! Where did this misconception begin that you are something to fear? Or even freak out about? Some people get so nervous and excited about you. No offence you're great and all. But do you like being taken so seriously? Wouldn't you rather people just view you as what you are? A fun opportunity to get to know someone new? And hey, if by chance people want to make you a regular part of their relationship, well dog gone it! That's wonderful!
I wonder too, if we'd all feel differently if we better understood your purpose... Marriage. I know that helped me a lot. Remember when I used to avoid you at all costs? I'm sorry. It was nothing personal, just personl issues I had to work out. I had to figure myself out first before getting involved with you. But your purpose is actually pretty great. But sadly I think many of us are afraid of you and this thing called marriage that you lead to. All it takes is a little faith right?
A wise person recently told me that, anyone who avoids good things aren't bad in any way. They are just avoiding experience. And why else are we here in this life, but to have experience? So why, why, Dating are so many people so afraid of you? All you are is experience. Experience that can teach us and help us to grow. So what if through you we get hurt? Aren't we also opening up opportunities to be happy? Everything is a chance. Everything in life takes faith. Even you.
So dating I guess all I'm trying to say, is sorry. Sorry you've gotten such a bad rap. Sorry that a lot of people are avoiding you. Sorry that you are made out to be something way more than you really are. Dating I'll do my best to make sure others don't put you down anymore or avoid you... Well I'll just do my part to not avoid you. I don't really have too much control. Agency always seems to be around... Maybe you two can have a chat. :)
Hope things start to look up!



Saturday, April 2, 2011


Today I express my thanks for the Internet. Because of you Internet I was able to listen to the entire first session of General Conference while at work. (Don't worry I'm allowed to do things online while waiting for phone calls.)
 I am also in awe at the power of the spirit. I'm sitting here in a tiny, cream colored cubicle, with nothing around me of significance, and yet while I sit and listen to the words of those called of God to serve us and teach us I am able to feel the spirit and hear the whisperings of his voice. So that I may know what to work on to be more effective in helping build the Lords kingdom on this Earth.
It's a weird feeling when you hear from those ordained of God telling you what to do better and what to work on. Part of me is in remorse for the things that I fall short on every single day, but then the Lord comes in with his kindness and love and feels me with peace that with him all things are possible. With reassurance that all the things I am trying so hard to do, have an eternal effect on me and his kingdom.
I have a difficult time expressing in words my feelings about this gospel. When I try to think of things to describe how I feel about it, my chest just feels with this warm pressure and I want to yell out in gratitude.
Answers are available and peace only comes through the Savior Jesus Christ.

To the Sonic worker that makes my morning...

Dear Sonic Employee:
Thank you so much for you exuberance in the mornings while you hold that sign that I'm guessing says 'turn in here for a delicious sonic treat!' I have never actually read your sign. Even though I see you twice a week at 8:20 in the morning, I only am watching you. I can only imagine the music you have playing on your ipod that makes you move like that. I believe one morning you had on some music that inspired you to do the cha cha. You weren't bad in fact. Did they hire you for your dancing skills? Or was that just something you added to the position?
I hope Sonic is paying you well...Come to think of it, they would probably pay you more if when I actually saw your amazing display of the above mentioned sign, I turned into Sonic. Well until then, keep dancing.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Blogging! It's completly legit!

So whoever decided to start making blogging freaking LEGIT you're awesome! I've got some of the coolest friends who like to do giveaways! Here is another one for you! My awesome friends, Liz, T, and Nat have a style blog. They are doing a thrift challenge right now but also have an awesome shoe giveaway going on. I've known these girls my whole entire life! Litterally! Well Nat and I didn't meet until she was born. But I love them all dearly! So check out their awesome blog and enter to get a pair of way fun cute shoes!