Thursday, August 30, 2007

The time has come! In one week from Saturday this stadium will be packed with crazy Ute Fans. My Utes take on the Oregon St. Beavers tonight and I could not be more anxious. Food has lost all meaning! I'm not about to say that they are going to be the best team on the planet this year, but I think as long as our offensive line can hold and deffence can step up without Weddle we will be a team to beat! Best of luck to my Utes. Go Utes!
Oh and Weddle is playing Alex Smith tonight, wouldn't it be funny if Weddle picked off Smith?

Monday, August 6, 2007


All I can think about is FOOTBALL! (I'm in this picture. If you can find me, that's impressive.) Only 24 more days until the greatest time of year comes around! I really cannot express my excitement. This year you will be able to see me on the front row of the MUSS cheering on my Utes. I'm very anxious to see how this season turns out. I have real high hopes for Brian Johnson. I have talked to a lot of players on the team and read a lot of articles that support Johnson even more. Having him red shirt last year was perfect. I really think our offense is going to kick some this year! I'm nervous for defense after losing Weddle, seeing that he was usually the one doing everything. But Tate is still around, and hopefully the new guys can be ready to cream a few people!
Also, in 24 days I will be attending my very first NFL game! I am going to San Diego for the Chargers/49ers pre-season game. I am so flipping excited. Weddle on Smith! It is going to be great! The only bad part is it is at the exact same time as the Utah/Oregon St. game, not too happy I have to miss that. But when it comes to a live NFL game, I have to take it!