Monday, November 24, 2008


Well we did it!!! 12-0 and going to another BCS Bowl game!! I don't care where it is I'm going to the game. I'll probably get to work like I did in Michigan!! I'm so excited and so proud of my Utes. I'm also so tired of all the BYU fans using Hall's poor playing as the reason we won. It's one thing for your quarter back to throw 5 that's right 5 interceptions, and don't forget interceptions are caused by the DEFENCE. It's another thing when OUR defense does something with those turnovers. So Y fans get over it!! You guys lost this year. I'm tired of your excuses! The Y wasn't the better team this year!!. . . The Utes were awesome on Saturday!! I hate that the season is over. . .One more game!! I can't wait until Dec 7th to find out where we go!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Moving . . .

Well I'm all moved out. Last night was my first night in my new house. I didn't buy it. Just renting a room. It's kind of weird. It sort of just feels like I'm on a long vacation. . . I'm sure that will change. I'm with three other really great girls and I'm 2/3rds closer to work, church, friends, and football! (now that the season is over) Sadly I'm now much farther from all my family. . . Well I guess this is me all growed up. . . That's what's new with me.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

THE Game

I don't want to say much because I don't want to jinx anything and it makes me sick to think about the game anyway. . . All I know is more than anything I hate that football season is practically over. This year has come as quite a shock. We are 11-0 and playing really well. The only thing I would change is our bloody Offensive coach. His play calling is ridiculous!! But, we keep winning and scoring points so we are likely not to lose him. . . I also hope that BYU can handle our defense. Last time they faced a good defense . . . well we were all happy about TCU creaming them. . . Regardless of what happens we have a share of the MWC Title. I'm so proud of my Utes! This has been a crazy year and I've loved every minute.


Friday, November 7, 2008


This is my niece, Annalynn Jane Crawley.
She was born this morning. She is 20 inches long and I don't know how much she weights. I just like to look at her. She's pretty amazing. I'm super excited to get to watch her grow up and turn her into a crazy Ute fan like myself. No worries she already has some apparel waiting for her! It's been a pretty great 24 hours!

Who'd a thunk?

If you had told me three months ago that my Utes would be sitting in the top 10 of the BCS and on their way to winning the MWC championship. . . well if you had told me that I would have probably laughed. I can't believe this season! It's really fun to be there in such intense games but honestly!!! The defense. . . GREAT! Now offense. . . I think it's time we analyzed the play calling some more. It was so poor. I think that Ludwig just sits up there and pics from a hat which plays to use. I'm starting to think that we would be better off without an offsensive coach at all!! Let Johnson just handle it. He's spent enough time on the sidelines and with the team to know what's going on. Is it coincidence that we do so well when he is the one calling the plays in the last two minutes? UGH!
The Blackout was a lot of fun! It was cool to see the whole stadium in black! Really fun game! Now we get to head to San Diego St. . . Bring on 11-0! (Still can't believe it!)

Monday, November 3, 2008

This is Gavin. He is my good friend Brynn's little boy. I'm not related to him at all but I totally love him! Look how cute he is as a frog!! I'm glad he got to come visit us on Halloween!
Hope you all had a fun Halloween!