Thursday, January 17, 2008

So, I thought I would point out how funny/dumb I am. So everyday when I get to work I have a routine of things I do to pass the time. One of which is looking at blogs. Some days there are a lot of new things, some days nothing. On the days there is nothing, I think to myself, "Come on people. Post something!" Now is where the funny/dumb-ness of me comes in. I just realized that I should post something, because maybe you are all doing the same thing. Also, it has been weeks since I last posted something. HA! I really find it a bit comical that it didn't even occur to me to post because you all might need something to read. Hmm, maybe that says something about me. Don't say it, I already know.

Well let's see. Here is a list of my most favorite things.

1. I LOVE dark chocolate! I think it is the most delicious thing in the world. I have not always been this way. But as of the past few years it has become one of my favorite things. It makes me happy that candy-bars are starting to use dark chocolate. But FYI dark chocolate M&M's are too sweet. The best dark chocolate has to be over 68% cocoa.

2. I love love love to dance! It is the one thing that can say I've done my whole life, and every time I go back to it I get soooo dang happy. I truly would love it if I could do it forever.

3. I love finding undiscovered music. When I choose to get onto Itunes, I usually spend hours on there just hunting around and when I find something new and un-popular I get so excited.

4. I love EVEN numbers. I like how they look and the fact that nothing is left out. (go ahead on mock me. But it's true.)

5. I don't need to put this, because obviously if you check this blog you know I LOVE UTAH FOOTBALL! I'm already anticipating this '08 season! I just love it!

6. I love when I come home at night and I find my kitty sleeping on my bed. And then when I turn on the lights, it makes his eyes all squinty. It's the cutest thing. And then he starts to purr. That's the best part.

7. I love laughing! And with that, I love people that make me laugh. Oh and I love making people laugh. Laughing is good!

8. I love my cabin. It is by far my most favorite place on this earth. It is the only place I can go and not think about everything else going on in life. Along with that, I love swimming in my pool up there. Even if the temperature of the water is slightly freezing. LOVE IT!

9-100. There are obviously so many other things I could put down, but I thought, 'hmm, maybe they don't want to read that much about me.' So I will end here.

No wait. . . .