Saturday, March 24, 2012

Singlehood Saturday: "I always have to be right."

Tune in each Saturday for random stories from my single life.
The good, the bad, and the cute
"I always have to be right"
I shall preface this blind date. A friend of mine from school came to class one night and said "So I went out with this guy this last weekend and the whole time I kept thinking that you would have so much fun with him. Can I give him your number and have him call you?"
Me: "For real? That's not weird or anything? You just went out with him."
Friend: "Yeah but I don't care. I'm not interested so might as well pass him off to someone that he would get along with better."
I just laughed and agreed.
About a week went by and he called me. Easy to talk to on the phone. Seemed nice enough. So I told my friend that I heard from him and we were going out and she says "You know the more I get to know him the more I think that you're too good for him."
Um... Okay. Well this should be interesting.
Fast forward to the date.
Still easy to talk with. We had some similar interests. Then we got talk about football and sort of had a disagreement. It went on for a bit and finally I made a strong point and said "There! I win." and started laughing.  I could tell I took him off guard but he seemed okay with it.
Fast forward to drive home.
He somehow told me that he loved it when I said "I win." He goes on to tell him how competitive he is and how he always has to win and be right. He explained his reactions during conversations with people that he wont even consider their point of view. He'll just argue his point until he wins. And then later he'll think back on what they said and then change his mind if he agrees with things they said but never tell the person.
This went on for a little longer and I'm thinking... "Um. You are almost bragging about qualities in yourself I've worked very hard to get rid of in me. Yeah. Not so attractive my friend."
Needless to say we didn't go out again. I wish this guy luck though. I mean I'm all supportive of knowing who you are and just being that... but... maybe don't flaunt your unattractive qualities on the first date. Just a thought.
Next week: The secret to dating.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile Thursdays


Right now I'm doing observations in an inner city high school and inner city middle school. I have very little time to spend interacting with the students. But I've done my best to remember their names and say hello when I see them.

It's really hard not to smile when you meet eyes with a student who is really shy and introverted and they wave with a smile on their face.

Wait, really hard?
Inconceivable actually.
It pretty much makes my day.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Singlehood Saturday: What to do when...

Tune in each Saturday for random stories from my single life.
The good, the bad, and the cute.

What to do when you run into a former blind date that you only went out with once...

So remember that one time that you were just minding your own business at a public gathering and all the sudden someone walks in and you think "I know him. How do I know him?"

So first thing is first.
Determine how you know this individual.
Very important.
Then after your brain turns on and you remember he once took you on a date
Remember his name
Luckily I'm good with names
Right away you know it wasn't love at first sight
but try and remember how the date was
After determining what the overall feeling of the date was choose a course of action
Flirt(in case they forgot what they're missing out on)

For example:
Last week while sitting in a religion class a guy walks in late with a girl.
Guy looks familiar but I brush it off.
The teacher asks their names.
That did it.
about 5 years ago I was set up on a date with him by my cousin
Needless to say my choice of action in this situation was to act oblivious to the fact that I knew him.

I guess that will tell you how the date went.

Tune in next week for: "I always have to be right" Guy

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

THINGS that make me Smile THURSDAYS

THINGS that make me Smile THURSDAYS

Gummie Bears
(not the candy. the cartoon)
I came across this while waiting for my shift to end at work.
(yes I'm allowed to watch video's between calls.)
But all through the open song I was grinning from ear to ear.

If you watched this cartoon growing up I encourage you to 
at least watch the

I dare you not to smile.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Singlehood Saturday: The Arabic Teacher

Tune in each Saturday for random stories from my single life.
The good, the bad, and the cute.

The Arabic Teacher

So let me ask you a question... Why is it that your friends/acquaintances line you up with other single individuals based on your age?
Typical conversation:  "Oh how old are you?"..."Oh I have a brother/nephew/grandson/friend/cousin your age."
Okay so we're the same age. So turns out that for 12 years I went to school with people my age. I saw them every day. Rarely was that a recipe for success. So why would that be a determining factor for success as I get older? I just find that silly. Now, granted I'm not looking for someone like 10 years older than me, nor ten years younger, but you get my point.
So this was one of those situations. "Oh I want to set you up with my cousin. He's older too, and really fun.", says my 22 year old friend. :) I'm thinking, so why am I going to get along with him because he's older or because he's fun? But of course I agree. We plan a double date. My friend(male) is taking my best friends(female) niece, whom is 20, so it's not some crazy thing. So it should be fun. I know most the people going, aside from my date of course. Otherwise it wouldn't be a set up...(cough)
My friend sets up the whole thing, I never talk to said Arabic Teacher but that's okay. We plan on having dinner and doing something fun. We show up to his house around 7:30, I haven't had dinner yet. And if you know me, well I need to eat to stay chipper. We show up, he shakes my hand (classy! ha). We walk in and we find out we're making pizza... Um, do you know how long it takes to make pizza?! I didn't either! Like at least an hour! I was so hungry! While we were putting the toppings on I just kept eating pieces of cheese and ham that we cut up. It was delicious! Good thing we had a task to do because it was almost impossible to get this guy to talk and carry on a conversation. So I just resorted to involving the whole group. I'm all about making situations comfortable, awkward doesn't work for me.
Turns out that Mr. Arabic Teacher is quite smart, not only would he keep saying things in other languages(not to impress us, just things like 'gracias') but he'd also talk about things none of  us knew about. So I'd keep leaning into my BF's niece and saying "Is he speaking Arabic?" She and I just kept laughing. I don't think he liked it all that much. I think we said that at least ten times that night and busted up laughing every time. Better sooner than later they learn how loud my laugh is. Right?
After we finished eating he thought it would be fun to solve some riddles... Not your normal riddles, like number riddles. Ones that you look at and they just do not make sense. But he found this so fun. We were all just standing in his kitchen staring at this white board him and his roommates have on the wall with these random riddles on there, purposely made to stump people and make them mad.
Then my friend(male) took his date home so Arabic Teacher and I were left at his house. (oh! Because my friend and I drove down together since we had to travel for about 30 minutes.) So there we are just sitting in his front room with one of his roommates who had just brought a date over too. Now I sure hope that the two of us didn't look as awkward as they did. It was just sad.
But in spite of this all I tried to keep an open mind. He was nice, and a good guy, responsible, and not all too bad looking (okay so I wasn't attracted to him at all! But I was trying to not be shallow. Turns out I am... a bit...) so I thought sure I could go out with him again so I tried to be open to it and flirted (okay so not that much. Just a tiny bit. In fact I'm not really sure anyone watching would even qualify what I was doing as flirting.)
Turns out that wasn't necessary. He didn't say anything about us doing something again, nor did he even ask for my number. Ha! My friend said "What an idiot! Well next time I'll set you up with someone younger." Yeah, because his age was the problem....

Tune in next week for: What to do when you run into people you were set up with and never went out with again....

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Singlehood Saturday: Online Dating

Tune in each Saturday for random stories from my single life.
The good, the bad, and the cute.

Online Dating.
(yes. yes. I did)

None of you married folk can understand the feeling of signing up for This is a feeling I'm grateful you never have to experience. Was I forced to do it... Yes! in a way. Why? Boys are dumb and don't ask girls out(except you C.K.) And I have been set up on so many blind dates lately that I decided I'd rather choose my blind dates... (Again I make things clear, NOT DESPERATE. Just tired of lame guys you meet conventionally-minus you C.K.)
Well it's slim pickins my friends. Slim pickins. And it's no different than dating in real life. You see a cute boy. You 'flirt'. They don't react. You feel dumb.
Not so cute boy sees you. He 'flirts'. You don't react. You quickly realize "Hmmm maybe I'm not as cute as I though." (Nah we know that's not true. haha)
You get messages like "Are you interested in chatting?" Um, no not so much you 45 year old man who's never been married. Sorry but technically you could be my father. A very very young father, but still.
And let's be honest not every single guy in the area can be "Fun, easy going, love to laugh, and just looking for a great girl." Seriously, we're not all easy going all the time. Nor are we fun all the time. I almost want to change my profile to say this...

Hi. So I am pretty fun, and chill most of the time but when I get tired I am not someone you want to mess with. Sure I enjoy doing fun things and going out in the outdoors like the rest of you, but you know sometimes, especially after a long week, I really enjoy my sweats to putting on skinny jeans and going out. Whereas I am pretty positive most of the time and easy to smile, I really hate having to put on an 'act' while I'm getting to know someone. I am very forgiving, but if I find out you lie to me in any way... well that's not good. Most the time I'm not picky about what we do. I enjoy most activities and make things fun, but if I tell you that I don't want to do something, well listen to me and don't try and talk me into it. I love sports. Honestly I do. But, maybe we don't have to watch sportscenter all the time and see the same stories from four different angles. Maybe we can turn the tv off and actually do something. And just like you the gospel is the most important thing to me, so don't be surprised if I choose it over you. Have a good day!

Now that would be some great online dating...

Tune in next week for "The Arabic Teacher"