Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dear Part Time Temporary Job:

Dear Part Time Temporary Job:

Well I just come out with it I guess. I will not miss you at all. Okay so maybe there are a few things I'll miss. For example. Working with my cousin. It's been really fun spending more time with her. Even if our interaction is always just through the inter-office instant messenger you provide. We've had some great times bonding over how much we dislike you. Sorry but it's true.
I'll also miss the funny things that type out during calls. For example, my personal favorite. What I actually said was
"Can you tell me when the appointment is?"
What typed up into the interpreter
"Kitty tummy when the appointment is?"
Bahahah! I laughed quite a bit when that came up.
I will also miss being able to communicate with my friends via the Internet during work. Since I don't get any human interaction while I'm working here it's been nice to have that kind of outlet.
Oh and working with one of my favorite friends from high school. That's been fun too. Oh and the pay was good for a part time job. And it was a good job to do homework while I trudged through grad school. But that's it!

You know what was the hardest part about you Part Time Temporary Job the feeling of being completely replaceable. I really felt as if I was of no worth here. No one even cares if you come into work 4 hours late. 4! FOUR! Really? No one cares? Hmm... that's weird. And then when I call someone for help do they help me? Nope! Just ignore me entirely. And really should it be IMPOSSIBLE to get time off? Don't most jobs allow you to have time off when you have to take a test to get your degree? Or go on vacation for the first time that year? Yes most jobs do. YOU do not! And oh the advice is just to go through the entire list of employees and ask them to take your shift one by one... yeah because we have so much time to do that. NOR do we have access to everyones names! Seriously think these things through.
ALSO a job where everyone just wants to move up because they can't stand what those of us do at the bottom of the totem pole... hmmm something is wrong with this picture. Then the people who move up tend to not think that they have to follow the same rules as us. Aren't they are exemplars? Shouldn't they set a good example of how we should be as employees instead of pushing their privileges to the point of breaking rules? Not okay!
And then after working here for 15 months all I request is to work more for you. Put in more hours during the times when you need people. And to no longer work Saturdays. Because, let's be honest working Saturdays just plain sucks. (I want to play with C.K.!) So I ask for that. More hours and no Saturdays. And what do you give me. 4 more hours a week and still Saturdays from 7:00-noon.... LIVID!
So here we are. I am leaving you. I didn't even give you two weeks notice. Now I'm blacklisted and never able to be hired with your awesome(cough) company again.
I'm heartbroken.(sarcasm)

Thanks for being my source of income when I needed one. But my gosh I'm glad I don't have to grace your awful cubicle and low treatment of me anymore.

Sincerely a completely lacking devotion former employee,

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mono Memoirs: Day 8(? I think)

Mono Memoirs
I have 'mono'
I shall blog

Day 8(I think)

I'm losing track of time. When it gets to be 8:00pm I get happy because that means that I get to go to bed soon. Want to hear how my past week has been? Okay I'll tell you.

Wake up at 7:30am. Scoff at the clock and go back to sleep until around 9:00 get up and eat breakfast. Check your phone.
Go back to bed because eating breakfast wore you out.
Get up again around noon find something to eat just to keep your strength up. Check your phone. But now that you have energy so time to watch tv or a movie. Scan through tv and movies on cable and realize that there really isn't anything worth the effort of keeping your eyes open for. Check your phone.
Go back to bed and find a movie that you don't mind closing your eyes to, because your worn out with trying to find something worth watching. Check your phone.
Watch a movie. Check your phone. Then turn it off roll over and take another nap. Check your phone. Keeping your eyes open is just too much work. By the time you wake up it's around 6:00 food time again! But first check your phone. Eat and then back to bed. Now maybe you have enough energy to read... That doesn't last long. Back to lying down after you check your phone. finally it gets to be 8:30, it's still light outside but you think oh well nothing else to do. So you check your phone one more time then go to sleep for the night.

Then it starts all over again.

Fun right?!

I did have some visits yesterday which were rejuvenating. Here's to another day of healing! It makes it all worth it each morning I wake up feeling a little bit better.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mono Memoirs: Day 5

Mono Memoirs
I have 'mono'
I shall blog

Day 5

Tips on what to do when you have mono.

I am an expert at this point. So I shall share some tips with you. 

1. Eat only soft foods. Turns out your throat is in tremendous amounts of pain and anything, I mean anything going down just kills.

2. Don't go far from your bed or a place to lie down. Turns out that just walking up some stairs wears you out.

3. Get some new movies before you've contracted the aforementioned virus. If you're like me you wont want to watch the ones you have. 

4. Don't watch movies with cute kissing scenes in them. Kissing is off limits when you have mono!

5. Text people and tell them you are sick. Then you'll have friends to keep you entertained through the all hours of the day... Well only partly entertained. Turns out that not everyone has as much time to kill as you do.

6. Be sure you have another job lined up before you just stop going to your current job... Who knows if you'll really go back at all at this point.

And last but not least

7. Schedule your infection with mono to come at just the right time. When you aren't starting a new job, when you're not fully immersed in grad school full time, when you're not in Disneyland, and when it's not your birthday. Turns out to be good timing. 

p.s. turns out for me mono isn't turning out to be that bad. Each day it gets a bit better. I am taking pretty dang good care of myself. But all in all it's not too bad... just a bit boring. 

Singlehood Saturday: Relentless

Tune in each Saturday for random stories from my single life.
The good, the bad, and the cute.


So do you remember Bob? Go ahead and refresh if you need to. So two weeks ago I happen to sit in front of him at a meeting and after hearing that he had just gotten back from Israel I turned around slightly, ever so slightly, slapped his leg and said "No way! That's awesome." Apparently to Bob's understanding that was, a fond caressing of love and me saying "I missed you so much."

At the end of church Bob wished me a happy birthday and sent me on my way.

Tuesday (two days before my birthday) I miss a call from Bob. I'm with C.K. I sigh. C.K. and his roommate both agree that seeing as I set Bob up with a friend months ago he should probably get the hint. C.K. suggests that he come with me on the date. Answer the door when Bob comes to pick me up. Now that would be a good entry!

All Bob's message asked was to call him back. I did. He didn't answer. He called back when I was at work. I told him I couldn't answer and said "What's up." His response.

"Well I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and take you out to celebrate.(ice cream, dinner, activity." 

Now why couldn't he just say a date? Because all those options are very date-y. 

Here comes the brilliance of having a boy to go on dates with. 

I reply

"Thanks Bob, that's really nice of you. But I don't think the boy I'm dating would think that was very cool. :) Thanks anyway... You'll have to tell me about Israel sometime though. That's awesome."

I'll give you two guesses what Bob did... You only need one.

No response.

For his sake I ignored him on Sunday at church.

But I guess sometimes you just can't talk to certain people and just be their friend. I mean I make the loudest gesture there is in single dating land. Set him up with someone else!!! I mean for real! 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mono Memoirs: Day 3

Mono Memoirs
I have 'mono'
I shall blog.

Day 3

So having mono I have a lot of time on my hands. I can't sleep all the time. My body is starting to get tired of being in my bed. I cannot read, my brain is not lucrative enough to focus for long periods of time. I do not want to watch lots of movies... I have seen all my movies. So what do I do? Lay in bed and think.

Wanna know something I realized about myself? Well if you do not, then you do not have to keep reading this. But if you are interested, I am now inviting you into my psyche.

I DO NOT ask for help well. The only person I will straight out ask for help is my mother. Anyone else, I feel I am putting them out. Especially if I know that it will be inconvenient for them to do it, I do not say a thing. So then what happens? I am sad. Because I really do need something but I build myself up as this totally self sufficient capable person, when in reality, in some instances I have collapsed and need help being picked up. 

And then someone asks "What can I do for you?" I reply, "Nothing." Which is a total lie. But I know that what I need cannot be provided. So do you say what you need knowing that your need cannot be met? Or do you just keep it in and maintain a false persona of independence and strength?

Turns out I ended up admitting defeat and telling this person what I needed. Very aware that I would not be able to receive what I wanted. But still I thought, you know, I do need something and if it were me I would want to know I was needed. 
And maybe it is time that I let someone else be needed. I guess it is just pretty frightening to need someone. Makes us a bit vulnerable does it not? Especially if we are not sure if that person wants to be needed... Well here is be being vulnerable I guess. Because I have said what I have said and there is no taking that back. 

Having mono is great!(insert sarcasm) 

Hard Things

People go through hard things.
Some people, harder things than others.

Have you ever just so badly wanted to take a hard thing for someone?

Turns out, we can't.

A lot of hard things there are obvious solutions to. 
But many, like those hard things that eternally mold us, there is only one solution. 


If only I could fully understand this. 

Until then, I'll just have faith that it is true.