Monday, June 15, 2009


So I have one month!! One!! I'm getting really excited. . . It's kind of a bizzare thing to imagine just stepping out of life for 18 months. But I am very excited to work hard and serve the people the best I can.
So with one month left I'm realizing I don't have much time. . . What should I do with my time? What would you do? Remember. . .I don't have much money! :)

Also, I need to sell my car. It's an '05 Toyota Carolla. It has 52,000 miles on it. It's red. It's a great car! I bought it from the Church so the only owners have been missionaries, which they take care of cars because they have to, and me! She gets about 28 miles per gallon. . . So if you know anyone let me know or have them contact me! Thanks!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wedding Weekend

Well this past weekend I got to spend two whole days with two couples I love dearly. Friday I got to attend the weddig of two of my favorite people in the world. Kristi and Mark! I'm so excited for them!
Saturday I also got to attend the wedding of my best friend! It was such a wonderful ceremony and I feel so lucky to have been there to support Dave and Jen!
Here's me and all my boys!

So we couldn't make the outside dirty so we did the inside!! And it was pretty clean at that! :)

There was also a picture of Abraham lincoln in the back seat and a pirate wench! :) I always have so much fun with my high school boys! Love you guys! And congrats again to Dave and Jen! And Kristi and Mark!