Monday, July 23, 2012

Testing. Testing. Is this thing on?

So uh... Hi again. Not sure anyone is out there to listen. But I really suck at blogging right now. You know why? I don't have too many thoughts on my mind these days, and well the thoughts I do have I just share with C.K. And let's be honest... Most of those thoughts I have do in fact have to do with C.K. so... that's the real reason I'm not blogging as much. But... this is what my summer consists of...

Working full time.
Studying history
Spending time with C.K.

That's about it.

I'll touch on each briefly.

Working full time... I now know why I chose to go into secondary education. Children are so bloody annoying. Now, I love kids. I do. They are sweet and say funny things. But you know, 18 5 year old's for 8 hours a day... not so sweet and not so funny. Mainly they just like to complain and tell on each other. You know what I say to them not sharing the ball with you? "Go talk to them about it. Because I really don't want to hear it." Yup, that's what I say. But all in all. It's been a good job for the summer. I enjoy going for the most part. Which is a nice change. And it really does get me excited to teach high school. 

Studying history... I hate the Praxis test... That's all I'll say about that.

And spending time with C.K. We've discovered the power of road trips. We have a lot of fun driving all over this state of ours. (We've covered almost the whole state from North to South C.K.!) And in only less than two months. We've had a fun summer. We're finding that we're running out of time to do all the fun things we think of doing. Luckily the fall is the best time of year, so we'll just do fun things then. 

I know I'm vague about C.K. but turns out that's just how it is. But I will say this. It's been a roller coaster of an adventure(I LOVE roller coasters!) Relationships are delicate but can also be extremely strong at the same time. They take work and effort. Patience and hope. And my goodness do they take faith. You know what C.K. and I were talking about recently? Why don't more people talk about the hard parts of relationships? Why are we so afraid to talk when things are difficult? That's just silly. It's so comforting knowing that things are hard and take work and patience and faith for others too. Because if we just rely on movie's or everyone saying "We're in love! Everything is just so great!" well.... we'd be in for a rude awakening. Because, let's be real people. Everything is not always great. And being in love is an up and down roller coaster. And it takes work, and two people who actually want to be in love with one another. It's not something that develops and then just stays. It really is something that must be cared for, and have time spent on it. At some point you really just need to plant the seed to see if it's good and have hope that as you continue to do all the right things the fruits that are produced will not only continue to be produced but just get better with time. 

Again, a  bit vague on C.K. himself... But trust me. He's pretty cool. I sort of like him.