Monday, July 4, 2011

Flour and Salt

I was talking with a friend the other day about how difficult it is to hold onto revelation. I suddenly thought of cookies... bear with me. You know how when you're making cookies and you have like, a pound of flour and only a teaspoon of salt? Okay so it's not a pound, but this was a visual I had.
This big bowl, and in it is a pound of flour(okay so it's a really big bowl!) and then a teaspoon of salt.
Salt=personal revelation
flour= lies from the adversary/natural thoughts/distractions/fear
The salt is way way out numbered. But this is how I feel it can be sometimes. Well it is for me at least. I receive this personal revelation from a loving Father in Heaven and then within, a day, week, two weeks, an hour, a pound of flour can be dumped on it and it's pretty dang hard to find those tiny granules of salt again.
But I know they are there. I can't deny it. As hard as it is to see them clearly, I know they are in there. I desperately wish the salt was died purple, or that they were huge pieces of sea salt, or somehow all the tiny pieces stuck together. That would be easier. But I guess it's not about being easy huh?
I could take the time to go through all the flour to make sure that the salt was still there. But then I realize that's silly, I know it's there. No matter how much flour gets put on top or mixed in with that bit of salt. I know it's there. Where would it have gone? It's not like it would be absorbed by the flour. It can't change the salt at all. The salt is still and will be what it is. The only thing that could change it, would be my perception. I sure as heck can't see the salt anymore, so what now? Should I just believe my eyes and tell myself it's not in there anymore? That doesn't make sense... it is in there. It was there first.
I just can't forget. Because then all I'd have is a pound of flour... What good is that going to do me?

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