Friday, March 18, 2011

Wisdom from the Elderly

So this story I'm about to share happened months ago but has now become one of my favorite memories of my grandfather.
We were visiting him as a family for his 85th birthday. Near the end of the visit his wife, asked me if I was dating anyone? And if there were any cute boys in my life. I replied with the usual response. "Nope. Boys don't ask me out on dates." * My grandfather then looks at me and asks, "Well, are you wearing dirty makeup?"
This is the moment I guffawed with laughter. Here this 85 year old man asking his granddaughter if she wears dirty makeup, implying that would get her more dates! Now the first reaction when I tell this story is people ask, "What is dirty makeup?" Well people I don't really know. But I'm assuming we can put along the lines of trashy makeup. He's 85 for goodness sake he doesn't know our lingo.
I told my grandpa that I would always remember he said that. While laughing he said, "please, please don't remember that."
Now my mom will ask me before I leave to a social event, "Do you have your dirty makeup on?" Apparently ladies that's all we need to do.

*disclaimer: this statement was not included to induce sympathy. Just stating the facts of the conversation.


Jane and Stuart said...

That's how I finally got Stu. Has it worked?

Mallary said...

I could show you some Dirrty makeup tricks... ;) he he he