Monday, November 19, 2007

And that's the Game

And there you have it! These will be the last pictures I post from the front row of the best student section in the country! I really can't tell you how much fun it was being on the front row this year! Being close enough to yell at the opposing team and have them hear you! And cheer for your team and have them look up and smile! Love it! It hit me on Sunday morning that I wont get to do that again. Yeah not a good day!
I'm so proud of my Utes turning this season around! 7 in a row baby. . . .and it better be 8 after this weekend! It's going to be a great game this weekend. The paper pointed out that this is the most evenly matched the teams have ever been! Not like that matters with this game! Always a surprise! Give 'em Hell UTES!

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Bethany said...

Hey girlie! I decided to make my blog private, but I need your email. email it to me@! And go Utes!