Monday, December 3, 2007

Best Trip Ever!

I am currently in the process of planing what I think will be the most perfect trip I could ever imagine!

First Congratulations to my Utes for being invited to the Poinsettia Bowl! They are playing for their 7th strait bowl victory! And named it as the #15 bowl game to watch! This will be the first stop of the trip.
Second I will be driving up to L.A. to see "Wicked." I have had the music memorized for three and half years, now I finally get to see it! I'm so excited!
And to conclude the perfect trip. . . A day in Disneyland! And not just plain old Disneyland, but Disneyland at Christmas time! It is going to be so crowded, but I am just excited to go for the Holiday season!

So there you have it. My idea of a perfect weekend getaway. Football, A Musical, and Disneyland. I am so excited! Only two more weeks until I get to experience it!

Also, just sending you Holiday Wishes. For the first time in years, I truly feel like it's Christmas, and it makes me so dang happy! This past weekend I went to the Zoo to see the 'Zoo Lights', it's quite fun. Nothing huge, but very fun to walk around. And with the fresh snow fall it was beautiful. I hope you are all able to enjoy this season! It truly is beautiful.


Brynn and Jesse said...

That really does sound like the best trip ever!! Disneyland at Christmastime is so much fun. You will love the parade and all the decorations!!

Karen said...

How fun! I'm, of course, jealous! I think Disneyland with you is the best way to enjoy disneyland! Maybe you'll have to come with me on every disneyland vacation I go on! :) Well Bryce and I are a bit saddened by the bowl news! We were hoping to see LSU but that didn't quite turn out. Hopefully the games are still fun!

tiffany & darren said...

You will have such a good time!! I am mostly jealous of Wicked. I have wanted to see that since I lived in New York and never got the chance. I am hoping Darren will suprise me with tickets (maybe for our anniversary) We only live 6 hours away from New York. HAVE FUN!!!

Jane and Stuart said...

I am jealous! I want to go. I did not know that you have never seen wicked. It's my favorite! So who is going on this excursion with you? When are you going? I think the game is while we are in New York, but I can't rmember. Well long lost friend have so much fun. We need to get together and exchange "gifts" aka cards. He, He! Love you and miss you!

P.S. I am playing my harp in my parents ward on Sunday. It is at 11 if you want to come!

Whitney Hawkins said...

Wicked will NOT disappoint!!!! I was the same way, I finally saw it when it was in Denver! It's INCREDIBLE!!!