Monday, November 12, 2007

Here we go! 6 in a row and two games left in the regular season! I am still so shocked that these Utes have come back from the team that played in Vegas. But at 7-3 it looks like they are here to stay. This years Utah/BYU game is going to be a huge one! I think as long as we can stop their running game we are good to go.
Congrats to my Utes for pulling off a really FUN Upset! The "fumblerooskie" to Brooks, was awesome! Whoever came up with that. . .Well you're cool! And Sakdoa's pass to A'asa! Such a fun play! Keep it up guys, we are here cheering for you. Good luck this weekend! I hate it's the last home game! And this weekend for sure Mack will get to celebrate reaching 1,000 yards! He only needs 5 more! GO UTES!


Karen said...

CUTE HAIR! I saw it Saturday from 19 rows up! I love the bangs! And what a GREAT game huh?! That sure was a fun one to watch!

Whitney Hawkins said...

You hair is adorable!!!! I love it! Great idea to add some bangs, you look great!!!