Thursday, November 8, 2007

Yet again, proof that I get paid for nothing! It's not the most original picture, but I like it. Just a little bit extra boost before the game on Saturday. It's been a whole month since I have seen a football game live, and I must admit I am a bit anxious. However, I am doing my best to soak up every minute of it considering there are only 3 (hopefully 4) games left to the season! I LOVE FOOTBALL! I have also decided, that as much as I would love the Utes to win the conference it will be better if they don't because then I would not be able to attend the bowl game. Since all the BYU fans decided long before that they were going to win it.(can you say annoying?) Maybe a shared title? I would like that. As long as we get to go to San Diego! How much fun would that be? Go UTES!

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