Friday, October 5, 2007

So since all of my posts have to do with football I thought I would add one that had to do with other things I like.

This is a poster for a movie I am dying to see. It's a musical directed by Tim Burton(a favorite) and Johnny Depp is the lead character, Sweeney Todd. It really is a sinister play, about a man getting revenge by well basically decapitating people. But the music is awesome, and it's Tim and Johnny. I'm very anxious! Dec. 21st. Great Christmas movie. :)

This is the other movie I am looking forward to. It's a Disney movie about a cartoon princes who gets pushed through a portal into real life New York City. It really looks so flipping funny. And it has Patrick Dempsey and James Marsden. Both very attractive.
And Lastly. I think this is my favorite "new" show of the 2007 fall season. It's very different, but I love it! I hope they are able to keep it going with the story line. It would be a great movie. But I am hoping they can make it last for at least one whole season. Most shows I love tend to get canceled. Is that saying Something about me, or television?

And Sorry, but I have to throw in a GO UTES! Stop Brian Brohm from looking so good! And let's even out our record!

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Brynn and Jesse said...

"Enchated" looks SO FUNNY! I can't wait to see it. P.S. I don't mind that all your posts are about football! :)