Friday, October 19, 2007


Well, congratulations are in order for Coach Kyle Whittingham, getting his longest win streak as a head coach. Way sad that it's only 4. But that's our Utes. A bit inconsistent. I'm glad we got the win last night even though they did not play their best. Steve Tate showed up and looked a bit like Weddle. So that was fun. Plus I have his glove, so that's even more fun! I am very anxious to see what happens in the MWC. It's still so up in the air. Yes, the Y is on top, but you really just never know what might happen. I'm just happy my Utes are playing like a team, and making less mistakes. Play calling has improved. I guess Ludwig finally realized his job was important! And lastly, hurray for it being a Thursday night away game. A whole weekend to myself! It doesn't happen much in the Fall.

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Brynn and Jesse said...

I'm sure you sleep with Tate's glove beside you!! In the words of G-wix "Aaaaahhhh!" You know what I'm talking about! :)