Monday, October 15, 2007

I am very very pleased that the Utes finally have a winning record. I know it's only 4-3 but still! Let's just hope they can keep playing this game we call football.

It was a really fun game. I am so impressed with Darrell Mack. He is up to 647 yards. At this rate he will reach the 1000 mark by the end of the season! Congrats to Louie for getting his longest field goal yet. 51 yards! Way proud! And my favorite addition, Corbyn Loukes aka Little Man. Getting a 41 yard QB rush, and throwing to another true freshman Jereme Brooks for the first TD of the game! Love it! I am so glad we have B.J. back, but I love that we can put in another QB when the play calls for it!
Keep it up Utes! We are still cheering for you! Fans for life!

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Brynn and Jesse said...

So cute! What are we going to do for an entire month without football!! It's strange to think I will actually have free time on Saturdays.