Thursday, January 15, 2009

What to Blog about?

Just goes to show that I don't have much more to blog about aside from football. . . Speaking of! There is a parade tomorrow if you hadn't heard. I'll be working at it which I find fun. I like being on the inside of things instead of a spectator. Also if you feel so inclined to watch the greatest football game ever, and see me on the front row, you can watch it again on Saturday night!! Well. . . guess that's all there is to talk about. :)
Have a good day! I hope you find something to smile about today. Even if you can find something, choose to smile about something. :)


The Cox Family said...

Yes I wold agree that was the best game ever. I'm not the biggest football fan and I even think it was the first time I've ever watched an entire game plus I loved seeing someone I know on the tube. Yeah for Cami and way to go Utes!

Meg and Colby said...

One of my students is going to that parade and asked if I was going. I told him no but if he sees you I hope he doesn't mistake you for me! JK. I love and MISS you so damn much.