Saturday, January 31, 2009

Options. . .

So. . . I'm in a place in my life where I have no responsibilites, no obligations, lots of oportunities and hardly any direction. . . I really could do anything I want right now. The question in turn is what do I really want. . . Or more importantly maybe not what I want but what I need. They aren't always the same. Luckily the Lord is better at knowing what I need. And luckily for me he seems to want me to make my own decisions. . . What's up with that? Like he trusts me to choose my life's course?! That's just crazy that is!

What would you do if you were in my situation?


Courtney N said...

I am in your situation. And you know what Im gonna do? Go teach English in China! Why not? I have nothing holding me here and I love to travel and serve. I guess you just need to find what will make you happy and just go and do it!

Pew Family said...

I would travel everywhere! I'd move to New York City and live, I'd move to California and live. I'd be a travelin' fool! You have such a great and unique opportunity to do whatever you want! Take advantage of it! SOO FUN!

Meg and Colby said...

I'd go back to China in a heartbeat.

kOrTnI said...

Cami- I totally understand where you're at, and although it fixes nothing; I'm in your same situation. Nothing holding me down, typical responsibilities and so much opportunity lies waiting out there.
I don't know your exact situation; but i think sometimes the Lord has us choose what we would like to do (its crazy He trusts us that much) but I think sometimes we just need to decide what we think will make us the happiest, or be best for us, and then He will bless and help you in what you choose to do.
& in all the times of your life; this is the time to be more selfish; not in such a negative sense, but in the sense that if you have that opportunity and want to-go for it!
No matter what you do, be happy. Make your decision and stick to it, and love it.

You're such a cute girl!
Good luck with what the future holds in store for you! Miss ya!