Friday, October 3, 2008

Wicked Awesome Game

So thinking back over the past four years I've been in the Muss I really don't think I've experienced a more exciting game! Two minutes left and we win it?!!! I love how much confidence we have in our kicker that we can put the clock on 1 second and KNOW that he will make it and win it for us!! It's awesome. . .But I must say that my frustration is still there. WHY WHY WHY? Why did they finish like the 15th ranked team, but play the whole game like they belonged in the bottom 15. Granted our defense is awesome. Oregon only scored on turnovers. Well mostly. But man come on? What is going on with the offense?! I don't get why they can't always play like the 15th team they are. HONESTLY! But 6-0 is pretty freaking awesome!

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Heidi said...

AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i've been wondering the same thing along with 45,000 others.