Friday, October 17, 2008

8 is great! (and one of my favorite #'s)
Tagged by Jade Smith Pew. aka Jadevich Chamousky

8 things I'm passionate about:
1- Musical Theatre.
2- Utah Football.
3-The Gospel.
4- My family.
5- My friends
6- Movies
7- Music.
8- Traveling.
8 words/phrases I use often:
1- "I know right?"
2- "Don't tell me what to do."
3- "Son of a bi." ( I don't finish it. That makes it better. . . Right?)
4- "Oh my hell."
5- "What are you doing?"
8 things I want to do before I die/on my wish list:
1- Get married in the temple.
2- Have kids.
3- Complete a triathlon.
4- Visit Egypt, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Europe. . .
5- Go to an NFL game.
6- Go sky diving.
8 things I've learned in the past:
1- ONE day everything will be fine.
2- Don't take yourself too seriously.
3- Don't believe the negative, it's not coming from a good source.
4- Keep working on your talents. Even if it wont get you anywhere. We have them to bring us joy!
5- Faith is the most important thing!! Which is probably why work on it our whole lives.
6- It's okay to ask for help. People want to help.
7- Family last forever. So make sure and keep that bond strong!
8- The Lord loves us. And if we can fully understand that. Nothing else will matter.
8 things I currently want/need:
1- I need a raise.
2- I want the Utes to go to a BCS Bowl game.
3- I want my show to run additional two weeks! Not just an additional week.
4- I want more time.
5- I want to take a nap.
6- I want to meet my niece.
7- I need a good vacation!
8- I want to live out of the country again.
8 places I want to see/visit:
1- Egypt
2- Isreal
3- Africa
4- India
5- London
6- New Zealand
7- Spain
8- Greece
8 favorite restaurants:
1- Red Butte Cafe
2- California Pizza Kitchen
3- Skool Lunch
4- The Dodo
5- Zetejas
6- Costa Vida
7- Rubio's
8- The Pub
8 TV shows I can't live without:
1- Friends
2- Smallville
4- So You Think You Can Dance
8 Things that happened yesterday:
1- Performed in Jekyll and Hyde
2- Drove a but load of miles. Sandy to the U to Sandy to Centerville and back to Sandy.
3- Worked.
4- TCU beat BYU!!!!!!!!
5- Did laundry
6- Chatted with my mom.
8 Things I look forward to:
1- Performing with my cast!! They're the best!
2- Utes game tomorrow!!!
3- Hanging out with my friends after the Ute game.
4- Sleeping in.
5- Catching up on tv shows.
6- Halloween fun!
7- Moving out. (I hate commuting)
8- Seeing my kitty.
8 Things I love about fall:
1- The leaves!!!!
3- Pumpkin flavored shakes from artic circle.
4- Wearing Jackets.
5- Cooler nights.
6- Being in the sun and not getting too hot.
7- Thanksgiving is on it's way.
8- Football!!
8 people I tag:
1- Whitney Hawkins
2- Alana Hunt
3- Kortni Andrews
4- Kati Dixon
5- Karli Wilson
6- Krissy Trinnaman
7- Patrice Pedersen
8- Nicole Pendelton


tiffany and darren said...

I am disapointed you didn't put Pittsburgh as a place you want to see. You know you will acomplish going to an NFL game before you die if you come. And who better than the Steelers? Or as they say here, Stillers. Also, Pushing Daisies is my favorite show!!!! I am so happy you discovered it too.

Pew Family said...

Do a triathlon with me!!