Thursday, July 17, 2008

Remember that one time?

Okay so I want to play too!!

I'm sure you have seen this. Put a memory of me in the comments and then I can do the same for you!!! Preferably one that makes me laugh. . .Not that that will be hard.

Come on! It's gonna be fun!

Have a great day!!!!


Lori & David said...

I remember the first time I ever really hung out with you... we were going to a fireside at the U and you, Lettie, and David picked me up. I remember we were talking about kissing, 'cause it seems like we had all kissed someone new just that week... I don't quite remember for sure ;)
Oh and remember that one time when you got a job at my work? That was awesome!
One of my favorite times was when we were in Hawaii... and it was your birthday... and we sang you happy birthday and we ate cake! :) Can we do that again?

Emily said...

I still think one of my favorites is us trying to sell kool aid and paper hats on the corner, and your mom was the only one who bought one. And then chasing the ice cream truck around the neighborhood, until we realized like an hour later it was the neighbor practicing the piano. We were so smart!

Karen said...

I don't even know where to begin! This post could be long! The chairs will ALWAYS come to mind! Our first night of best-friendship! I can say key words for the rest: iofroh estroyt, shadow pah'nah, just us, "that was a gun", koala bears, parking lots, midgets, our own sign language, etc, etc. Great memories from play practices too! Oh...those were the days!

The Searle Family said...

Cami..remember when you helped me make up my modern dance in my basement and we tried to show meg the difference between a modern move and a jazz or hip hop move? WE would chose move and show her how it would change in every style:)

tiffany & darren said...

My memories are very random, but here they go...
1) Our Teddy Ruxpin and big stuffed elephants. I still have the elephant that I named Cambell, I gave him to Niko.
2) Eating Toaster Studels at your old house.
3) Dressing up and I always wore a puffy slip, white hat, white gloves and a belly shirt.
4) We would make zoos at your house and make our families walk through them.
5) Simba your kitty.
6) Using the terms, "I am the guest so I get to choose" or "It is my house so I get to choose"
7) Our endless fights.
8) Sleeping on the shelves in my storage room.
I could seriously go on and on, but I will spare the readers.

Mike and Madelyn said...

My favorite memories of you include spending time at your cabin and having our own make believe adventures and hating when we had to leave, watching Footloose in your basement and dancing to all the songs, and for some reason I remember when you broke your foot and had a cast and danced anyway! Now that's dedication. I have so many great ones!

bethany said...

I always remember you ready for a laugh. Which happened so much in Sigma. I remember when we went to your cabin for a retreat and you put your arms through my sweatshirt and we did that little skit... and everyone was laughing hysterically. =)

Mark and Jessica said...

I am going to have to go with China of course and I loved it that you were the only one who could last out the 5 movies in a row with me. I also remember you watching your kids and you would make me laugh how animated you were!! you truly were a great teacher to those kiddos

Whitney Hawkins said...

Oh my goodness! I start laughing just thinking about the times we have done together! The list goes on forever.... cheer practice (standing in the back thinking "WTFreak did I get myself into!")Late night rehersals, productions....arrow squad, mice babies, oh gees.... it goes forever!

Lance & Alayna said...

Okay, so I am a little late getting in on this one...
Some of my favorites are:
-nightgames in the street in the old 'hood
-playing He-Man in your basement(I think they were Marshall's toys, but we played He-Man anyway!)
-Kendra's baby shower when we couldn't stop talking and laughing about who knows what. :)