Sunday, February 24, 2008

Life Long Friend

This is just a small post to Celebrate one of my friends. Happy Birthday on the 24th T! I think it's pretty rare for people our age to be able to say that we have been friends for 24 years!(well almost 24 years) T and I have litteraly been friends since birth. And I count it a huge blessing that she and I are still friends to this day! You are a huge blessing in my life T. I'm so glad that we have been able to grow up together and help each other along the way.
I love you! Happy 24th on the 24th!
I tried to scan a picture to prove the length of our friendship, but the scanner didn't work: (


tiffany & darren said...

Oh, my heck, how cute are you!! Thank you so much, I am honored :) Best Friends for Life, literally

Lance & Alayna said...

I can't believe that you two still keep in touch! That is so great. Next time all of us are in Utah at the same time, we should definitely get together. Not that I am a "life long" friend, but hey, I was in on a lot of it too! ;) Miss you guys!