Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Too much to work on...

I've got too much to work on...








And any other 'ally' you can think of.

However, I will share this.
On Monday evening for our ward Christmas party, Kenneth Cope came and performed a lovely Christmas program. One thought he shared has stayed with me. He told us that we're all broken. That no matter what, we've all got things that need fixing. But it was when he(Kenneth Cope) realized that God still uses us in our broken stages, that he(Kenneth Cope) was able to have peace and progress in life.

This is something I'm trying to have faith in. That even though I fall short in so many areas of my life, God still wants to use me for his work. That I'm still of worth, though imperfect. I do not need to be perfect to be of use to my Father and Savior. He can use me in my imperfections. Most importantly he loves me. Regardless of how broken or imperfect that I am.

And here is the song that Kenneth Cope sang for us.

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