Sunday, September 16, 2007

Greatest game at Rice Eccles Stadium!

Well they did it! My Utes did it! The greatest Upset at Rice Eccles Stadium in 34 years! I am so impressed with the team this week. So many people stepped up. Darrel Mack! Amazing! It's been far too long since we have seen runs like that! And #19 Corbyn Loukes aka "Little Man!" Wow, where did he come from! A quarterback that does the sneak and is sucessful! Awesome. Defence went above and beyong. I knew it was in there some where! Robert Johnson, welcome to the Utes! This is what football is all about! I suggest that the team watch this game every week, just to remind themselves how amazing they really are! See you in Vegas next week! Go UTES!


Karen said...

YAY! That game was AWESOME! Hopefully we can go to Vegas too...we have tickets, but our house may prevent us from using them! Our tickets only cost $6 we got lucky! :)

Alan & Allison said...

Wow..Wow...Wow, What an awesome game. Vegas or bust if we lose we leave ludwig there and bring back Sanford. Here's to a 10-2 season!!